Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
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The Rift - Candlelight

The Rift - Candlelight - 2017

Here is our music video for Candlelight (from our album Tri-Polar). 

About Us

The musicians

Gareth G'MONEY Tyrrell - Vocals / Guitar

Craig DADDY LONG LEGS Burnett - Vocals / Bass

Duff THE ANIMALSheldon - Drums / Vocals

Our sound

West Coast, Rock, Reggae, Surf Punk band with a sprinkling of twangy funk. The Rift is high energy and draws crowds from afar.  

Our passion is to play kick ass, positive music that’s super catchy, makes you want to get up and dance and keeps you coming back for more.

The Rift started playing 6 years ago and is made up of 3 long-time friends. At that time Craig was playing bass in a west coast punk band, GMoney was the front man of a british punk band and Duff was a DJ and playing percussion. 


Gareth, born and raised in England, has the ability to craft poetic lyrics and story like solos to produce a sound like no other.

Craig has always played 4 strings with passion, his bass driven talent inspires to create songs with no limits. 

Duff, once a DJ keeping beats, turned his tables into sticks and skins to produce a strong beat, with a high energy vibe, to connect The Rift.

To start, above all, The Rift are three friends whose passion for music is infectious. All three members have been influenced by Sublime, Chilli Peppers, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Penny Wise and Manu Chao. This wide range of music has moulded the sound of The Rift.  The three started playing acoustic tunes on the beach which turned to weekly jams, writing songs, and recording their first album “Sticky Knickers – Live on the Floor”. This followed with bookings in pubs and parties, to suddenly playing in Vancouver at night clubs such as The Roxy and The Cobalt. Their comedic and dynamic personalities resonate in their music bringing the crowds to their feet.


Check out Soundcloud for more music from The Rift. 

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The Rift

Kelowna, BC Canada